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Workplace and facilities management are ever-changing; it can be difficult to keep up. Stay on top of your profession with our courses. … Our courses are the perfect way to top-up your professional knowledge and upskill.


Best practice management in each production unit

Securing a good daily workflow and overview of the daily task

Health, disease and biosecurity


Following a good biosecurity program is the best way to control the spread of disease.

Reproduction and breeding


Enhancing livestock productivity - through better reproduction and breeding management

Feed and feeding

When feeding pigs, it is important to consider the nutritional requirements as there is no such thing as a ‘standard‘ diet

Farm design and technology

Training the workers to handle daily issues with the equipment, knowing the right way to use the equipment.

Production economy


Farm managers need a good economy knowhow to operate the profitable farm.

Animal welfare


Giving the employees baseline knowledge about good animal welfare

Farm work training

Securing a constant internal training of employees

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